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Mental Wellness

Self-care is critical to mental wellness. Learn to care for your mental well-being with these articles.

Diagnosed With Depression–My Days and Nights Were Full Of Exhaustion

Sleep issues can make depression worse, creating a vicious loop between depression and sleep that can be difficult to break. In some people, a lack of sleep might even lead to depression.

Recognizing the Early Signs of OCD

Symptoms of OCD can start mild and gradually become more severe, eventually impacting a person’s ability to function in daily life. The best defense against debilitating OCD is a strong offense in the form of knowledge.

How to start meditating to relieve stress and anxiety

Learn how to meditate, helpful meditation tips, which apps are helpful for guided meditation, and more in this guide to get started with meditation.

The Best Workouts for Depression

Battling Invisible Illnesses: Kaili’s Anxiety

Just one girl's experience with anxiety. Read her story and take the first step of reaching out about your own mental wellness.

75 Hard Challenge: Thoughts, Warnings, & Why I'm Doing It

Heard of the #75Hard challenge? Learn what it's all about, how you can modify it (or if you should) and get some free printables!

Benefits of Journaling and 30 Days of Writing Prompts

Learn how journaling can help reduce stress and improve your health. Get started with our 30 days of writing prompts.

How to minimize the spread and stress of the coronavirus (COVID-19)

It’s okay to be stressed or afraid right now, but know that there are precautions we can all take to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 and keep ourselves, our families, and community members healthy.

5 New Year’s Resolutions That You Can Succeed At

Ensure success with your new year's resolutions by starting small and building up to your larger goals. Check out these 5 goals that you can succeed at in the new year.

Finding motivation when there is none

It can be hard to find the drive to get up and go, especially when depression, anxiety, or other mental illnesses are involved.